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March 30, 2021 00:00 - March 31, 2021 00:00

This interactive virtual workshop will guide Indigenous business owners to take stock of their company’s existing strengths while exploring opportunities to digitalize their business model. Boosting your company’s digital expertise will help to get you through the pandemic and enable new ways to thrive as technology continues to rapidly change our business environment, the economy and our lives.

Join the workshop on Tuesday, March 30 and Wednesday, March 31 from 10am-2pm.
There is no cost to attend this workshop.
Workshop Highlights
  • The acceleration of small business digitalization in BC
  • Examples of small businesses that have pivoted successfully
  • Developing a mindset for doing business digitally
  • Resources for transitioning your business to a digital model
  • Technology platforms that are most popular today
  • Funding support for small businesses
  • Steps and tips to enhance your online presence
  • Interactive Portion – Q&A, self-assessment, group and partner collaboration
  • Coming out of a global pandemic – What comes next?
  • Digital Pivoting Workbook

About the facilitator,  Loa Fridfinnson:

Loa has 20+ years of entrepreneurial, marketing, technology and sales expertise through her marketing agency Activ8, consulting for emerging private and public companies, and non-profit organizations in Canada.  She also works with progressive Indigenous communities in B.C. passing along marketing and sales knowledge to Indigenous entrepreneurs who want to start and grow companies that they are passionate about. Loa created a 15-course business training program that gives Indigenous adults and youth the professional and personal development tools and skills needed to succeed in today's digital economy.  Many of her participants are operating thriving businesses who have been recognized for their achievements at B.C.’s Indigenous Business Awards in Vancouver.  See more about her on LinkedIn.