2021 Board of Director Nominees

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Barbara Joe

CAFM – President

From Barbara:

My name is Barbara Joe and I have been a member of AFOA BC for many years, and a Director for the last four years, with the last two years as President.  I am honored to be nominated to the board for a third term.

I first became a member because I was very interested to be a part of a group of professionals dedicated to supporting each other in the development of First Nation financial capacity.  Over time that mandate has expanded to address many First Nation governance issues including administration, human resources and economic development. 

Our organization has provided relevant, timely and practical conferences, workshops and courses.   I received my Certified Aboriginal Financial Manager, CAFM designation and have worked for the shishalh Nation in both the finance department and later as the Chief Administrative Officer for over twenty years.  I am currently a council member for the shishalh Nation.

During the last five years I have facilitated AFOA BC workshops and training and have travelled all over BC meeting First Nation elected officials and staff.  What I have observed is that there continues to be a strong interest in building capacity within our organizations and governments as many new opportunities are being realized.

I will bring to the Board of Directors experience from working and living in a First Nation community, experience in delivery of training and facilitating workshops directly with First Nations in BC and a passion for improving governance and financial systems”.

Barbara began her career as a Registered Social Worker in the 1980’s, then started a computer consulting business. Recognizing the need for technology and finance she began Certified General Accounting courses leading to a Certified Aboriginal Financial Manager designation.

Barbara began working for the Sechelt Band in the 1990’s as a coordinator for an employment program while studying accounting and was soon promoted to the full time position of Chief Financial Officer, a role she filled until 2005. In 2006 ready for a new challenge, Barbara agreed to return as the Chief Administrative Officer and continued in that capacity up to 2014.

Currently Barbara is now delivering training and consulting services in Financial Management and Governance, sharing her experience from working for a self-governing First Nation for many years and building management capacity with staff and elected officials.

Barbara is of Kaska Dena heritage, daughter of Martha Shorty, granddaughter of Yanima from Lower Post, BC. She has 3 grown children, Ashley, Sarah and Lakota.

Barbara Joe, CAFM

Heather Fader

MBA, CHRP, CAPA – Secretary

Heather says “I have been involved with AFOABC for over 14 years, the last 6 on the Board of Directors. Being on the AFOABC Board of Directors has provided the opportunity to provide support and services to First Nations to build capacity and resources to continue to move forward in the everchanging world. I enjoy working with AFOABC Board and staff. I have personally benefited greatly from the support and services AFOABC provides. I am very interested in continuing to be part of the organization and working with the other board member to move forward on continue growth for the organization and the resources it provides“.

Heather has a diverse background in First Nation and Non-First Nation Organizations, and she has worked in public, private, large and small corporations and government.  She has been working First Nations for the last 15 years in Administration, Finance, Human Resources, Governance, and Economic Development. Currently she has a consulting company offering a wide range of services to First Nations.

She recently completed her MBA in Indigenous Business and Leadership at SFU, she has her Certified Aboriginal Professional Administrator (CAPA) Designation, is a Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) and is now pursuing a Certified Aboriginal Financial Management (CAFM) designation with AFOA Canada.

Heather has been a member of AFOABC since 2009 and continues to contribute her time, knowledge and experience to the growth and development of capacity, programs, services in First Nations.

In 2015, Heather was elected to the AFOABC Board of Directors and is the Board Secretary. She is on the Education Committee with the AFOABC and is dedicated to lifelong learning.

Heather Fader, CAPA, CHRP

Teri Muldon

CAFM, Business Administration

Teri says “I have a lot to offer as a director with my experience working for First Nation’s for over 25 years. I am employed by the Royal Bank of Canada as a Commercial Account Manager, Indigenous Markets. This role allows me to offer services to First Nations from a different perspective. Currently residing in Prince George, my clients are located from Prince George to Burns Lake and surrounding areas.

 I have had the pleasure of being on the board for the last two years and have gained the experience necessary to be a valuable, contributing director. It would be amazing to have the opportunity to continue in this position“.

Teri Muldon is a Finance Manager at the Skwah First Nation in Chilliwack. Previously, Teri worked as a Director of Finance with the Sts’ailes and Kitselas First Nations. She has 16 years of experience providing full cycle accounting and administrative services in a First Nation environment. While at Kitselas and Sts’ailes, Teri was an active member of the Finance and Audit Committees for nine years. Teri is a CAFM and her education also includes a diploma in Business Administration.

Teri grew up in Hazelton, B.C. and is a member of the Gitxsan Nation. Work attributes include: paying attention to detail; being thorough with a need to be accurate; ability to meet deadlines and prioritize tasks at hand; and finally, is professional and reliable.
During her personal time you will find Teri quilting or creating some sort of craft. Family is extremely important to her and takes every opportunity to spend time with them. Teri has a great sense of humour and gets along very well with peers.

Teri Muldon, CAFM, Business Administration

Norm Grdina

CFE, CAFM, CPA, FCGA – Director

Norm says “serving on the Board for the past term has been such an exciting and rewarding opportunity to work with people who share the common goal of advancing our member Nations to become fiscally and independently stronger.  I certainly look forward to continuing to support the Technical Advisory Group, working with Indigenous Services Canada in advancing simplified auditing and reporting methods. The established AFOA BC education training continues to serve our member Nations so well and I would very much like to continue to be a part of that process.

I am a Certified Aboriginal Financial Officer, Certified Fraud Examiner, Private Investigator, and Chartered Professional Accountant with a Fellowship and have attached a copy of my credentials for your reference.
Thank you, once again, for providing me with the opportunity to accept this nomination for Director of your organization”.

Norm Grdina is the Director of RHN Chartered Professional Accountants, a well established accounting firm with offices in Vancouver, Richmond, Osoyoos, and Kelowna.

Norm has served on the AFOA BC Board of Directors since 2009, is the chairperson of the AFOA BC Technical Advisory Group (TAG) and a member of the AFOA Canada Audit Committee.

Norm is a licensed Private Investigator with Morrow Investigations Inc. and is a past President of the Vancouver Chapter of the Certified Fraud Examiners Association.

Norm Grdina, CFE, CAFM, CPA, FCGA

Billy-Joe Checko

Billy-Joe says “I believe in this organization and how you support my clients and other Indigenous organizations.  Positions of financial leadership within an Indigenous organization are challenging at the best of times, so I always refer newer CFO’s and Band Managers to AFOA to help make the position a little easier.

I am grateful to be able to travel around this province and see some of the most beautiful places on this Earth and meet with some of the best people in the world.

sure, I give because I think it’s the right thing to do, but I also do it for a selfish reason and that’s because I get so much out of it.  With that, how can I not offer my service to this organization that offers so much to my clients”.

Billy-Joe comes from a commerce and entrepreneurial background, spending the last 10+ years in the financial services sector.  He has spent the last 2.5 years working in HUB International Insurance Brokers Indigenous specialty practice where he is humbled to be able to help protect Indigenous people, their assets, their businesses and organizations.

Giving back is a large part of his life, both money and time.  In just about any organization he is involved in, he looks for opportunities to be of service.

Service Highlights:

  • Past President – Rotary Club of Nanaimo – Ocean Side
  • Ambassador – Chamber of Commerce Nanaimo
  • Ambassador – Chamber of Commerce Victoria
  • Raise money for and travel to Nicaragua to build homes for less fortunate
  • Operating Committee – Vancouver Intergroup Society
  • Numerous other service positions with many other originations

Within HUB:

  • Indigenous Home Insurance Program for member owned housing in the communities
  • A Insurance Job Fair to help bring stable, good paying careers to members and in some cases remote communities


I always look to provide more than just ‘peace of mind’ to my clients, this would be another great way to do so.  I will bring my experience, passion and willingness to serve to the Board.


Billy-Joe Checko, CAIB, Commercial Account Executive, HUB International